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ESQ1 OS Customization
Trying to reach me?
Tired of special OS behaviour which Ensoniq declared to be features?

This is the place where you can change (almost) everything...

Suggestions, questions, acclamation, or simple curiosity about who that guy is you might want to place here:

To fight spam, I'm running RBL-based filtering and Greylisting, so if your ISP's mail server is blacklisted or doesn't play according to the SMTP RFC, you might encounter bounces.

Patch Bay
Factory Programs
Use this as factory presets:
Accepted bank dump formats are raw (PCB-style), SQ80 Toolkit or MIDI SysEx (.MDX, .ESQ, .SYX)
Greeting Message
Use this as greeting message:
Center greeting message.
Keyboard Mode Reset Default
Leave keyboard mode untouched.
Set keyboard mode to BOTH.
Set keyboard mode to MIDI.
Set keyboard mode to LOCAL.
MIDI capabilities Reset Default
Leave MIDI capabilities untouched.
Enable key events only.
Enable keys+controllers.
Enable keys+controllers+program change.
Enable keys+controllers+program change+song select
Enable keys+controllers+program change+song select+system exclusive messages
Miscellaneous Options
Give access to "hidden waveforms" (WAV032 to WAV255)