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What Ensoniq didn't tell in the manual 
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Most of you might have heard rumours about hidden functions of the (E)SQ operating system. And indeed, there are a few goodies lurking behind button combinations normal people wouldn't think of. Where some of these are just interesting to read, others are really useful. Sad but true... These days one really calls for spam when publishing an email address on a website. But what the heck.

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Let there be light 

SQ80 and ESQ1 offer 7 hidden functions, some of these are quite useful cause they allow filter recalibration or a factory reset. Also, if you are about to buy a used (E)SQ you might want to know which OS version it is running under - the only way to get this information is from the hidden functions. All have in common, that you need to press two buttons simultaneously. So here they are:

RECORD+ Function
COMPARE Check all control voltages
These are KNOB (data entry), PED (pedal), PTCH (pitch bend wheel), MOD (modulation wheel), FILT (filters), BAT (battery voltage) and PRS (pressure).
SOFT BUTTON #1 Perform factory reset
This function will wipe out the entire memory, i.e. all sounds, songs and sequences, and reinitialize the machine. This function is needed after an OS upgrade or in case your (E)SQ starts to act pretty strange like freezing, running wild or showing SOFT ERRORs.
SOFT BUTTON #6 System Reset
This function performs a starndard reset similar to just switching on the machine.
MASTER Show OS version and keyboard control software (SQ80) revision.
For ESQ-1 the latest official OS version is 3.50, for SQ80 it's 1.80. Keyboard software seems to be either V1.50 or V2.01, depending on your type of keyboard.
FILTER Filter Tuning
This will calibrate your filters. It's recommended after changing the battery or replacing OSRAM. You definitely need it when replacing a CEM3379.
MODES The WhoDoneIt list...
SPLIT/LAYER Keyboard Recalibration
Hidden Functions of the (E)SQ Operating System