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ESQ-1 Sequencer Memory Expansion
Trying to reach me?
Recently, I was answered if the ESQ-1 SME is still sold. To be honest, I don't know - but a quick look inside the ESQ-1 schematics showed up no magic, so it should be easy to build an own SME.

However, since I don't have an ESQ-1 for testing you are completely on your own. Everything here is provided as is and no warranty is given in any way!

Sad but true... These days one really calls for spam when publishing an email address on a website. But what the heck.

If you expect an answer please send plain text emails. HTML-formatted mails will be dumped automatically.

Expansion specifications

The ESQ-1 has a special SME interface for upgrading the sequencer memory. For this, it offers some special pins which I want to explain first:
Name Pin Description
SEQ# 38 Sequencer Memory Chip Select
EXP# 17 SEQ# feedthru (used for disabling the internal 8kB of sequencer memory)
SEQIN# 22 signals SME presence to the DUART
BS2-0 15,13,11 Bank Select
BS1-0 switch between 4kB segments of sequencer memory
BS2 selects upper or lower 32kB segment
Control Signals

And here's the schematics: Pins which are not listed (21,23,24,26,41,42) are unused - just leave them floating.

 ESQ-1 Sequencer Memory Expansion
ESQ-1 Sequencer Memory Expansion