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Welcome to Casiorama
Trying to reach me?
Some people say I should play the instruments instead of digging inside their hard- and software. Maybe they are right - but on the other hand, only if you learn it the hard way you will be able to repair and maybe upgrade your machinery.

 Anyway, here are some bits & pieces about the Casio FZ-1. 

You can reach me by one of the following ways: (Office eMail) (home eMail)
4589601 (ICQ)
+49-89-289-25770 (Office Phone)
+49-89-289-28232 (Office Fax)

Keep CET time zone in mind when trying to contact me "real-time" .
Information Helpdesk Bits'n'Pieces
Since this area is freshly opened, don't expect too much. But here are some starters: To come some time:
  • Schematics & Service Manual
  • fz1fs for Linux
  • Sounds, sounds, sounds...
As always: All information is provided as is and no guarantee of any kind is given...

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